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Signature Programs

Dressed for the Test is the premier signature program of Tennessee Educational Alliance. Through this program, we provide Standard School Attire for the students of Middle Tennessee. 


The success of Dressed for the Test relies on the alliances formed between community members, the nonprofit community, corporate partners, and the educational system. No amount of support is too large or too small. 


Together we can provide the required attire for every one of our students. It truly does take a village and we are honored to share a village with you. Thank you for youu contributions!



Join the Alliance.

It’s easy. Simply click "contribute" below and let us know how you can contribute.


You can make a difference. You can make an impact. You can contribute to helping our community realize its true potential. 


Let's do this!

We are currently focusing all of our resources on making Dressed for the Test as successful as possible. However, we invite you to check back, as we will have many fantastic programs!



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